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Wellness Retreats

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Retreat Details 

Join the Energy Alchemist Jenn and for a one day immersive wellness retreat to learn how you can find peace, joy, and balance in life. Surround yourself with the beauty and sounds of nature with like-minded souls seeking to find quiet in the chaos through. These mini retreats take place in the destination of your choice with in one hour of central Kentucky Area.


  • Meditation - Learn how to quiet your mind and find the special place inside that allows us to monitor and control our thoughts to live a more peaceful and purposeful life. 




  • Yoga - Learn gentle stretches and restorative yoga poses designed to help relax your body & mind. 




  • Guided Grounding & Mindfulness Exercises - Together we will practice ways to invoke a feeling of centeredness, escaping the anxiety and worry to bring our focus to the present. Tuning into the present moment allows us to fully experience the beauty of life and find opportunities for gratitude. 




  • Aromatherapy & Breathwork - Learn how to use aromatherapy and breathing exercises to relieve anxiety & stress, raise your vibration, and improve sleep. 




  • Sound Bowl Healing & Reiki Sessions - Dive into the realm of energy and vibrational healing. Become familiar with your own inner energetic presence and flow. Together we will learn ways to balance this energy to bring peace and harmony to your mind and body any time you need it. 




  • Guided Soul Work - Release and Intention Ceremonies Learn how to manifest the life you desire. 



Crystal Salt


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