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As an intuitive and Spiritual Mentor Jennifer has helped many look at life from another perspective, so that they may align with their highest and most desired soul path.
She can help you identify  your life's souls purpose and desire through her unique guidance .  
Jennifer inspires and empowers her students to live a life that is in alignment with their highest vision of love and harmony. She will provide you with the tools to get your energy in alignment and release the trapped emotions you are carrying in your body. 
Her passion for teaching shines through in her work and former clients. Giving them the tools needed to unlock their true desires and spiritual gifts.
She has helped many over the last 7 years find their purpose and get in alignment with their soul plan.
She helps her clients work through blocks and unlock their spiritual gifts. By guiding them through their souls work. Teaching them energy work and providing them with the tools to do so after their sessions together ends. 
Jennifer is a certified Usui Grand Reiki Master & Teacher  as well as an Angelic Healing Practitioner. 
A certified Life coach and Psychic Medium who has spent many years navigating the world of energy work 
Jennifer has dedicated the last 20 years of her life assisting others on their path. Even prior to being fully awakened to her souls path she spent many years working with the adults who had special needs and finding them a place in their community to thrive and contribute.
If working through your life's obstacles and aligning with the desires of the souls path is your goal then I encourage you to reach out for an alignment call or join in on one of the many opportunities she offers to work with her. Rather its in 1:1 mentoring or joining in on the yearly holistic and mindfulness energy retreats she offers either way you will find the support you desire on this path toward awakening your soul.


To work with Jennifer click Book now 

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